• Mitchell Wierenga


    Self-taught3D artist for over a decade and has attended Georgia State University for Game Development and Design. He continued his passion as a freelance artist providing 3d solutions for clients big and small. At the beginning of 2022 he formed the Masterwork Studio LLC to provide clients with professional creative solutions.

  • Brandon Ling

    Technical Director

    Brandon Ling is interested in innovation and utilizing new technology that can transform industry. Brandon finds joy in building teams and executing roadmaps related to machine learning, virtual reality, and data driven products. His experience spans through systems and software architecture, project management, talent development, and experience design.

  • Yasmany Roman

    3d Artist & Unreal Developer

    As a seasoned Texture Artist and Environmental Artist with over a decade of experience in game development, he has carved his niche in the industry by seamlessly blending artistic creativity with technical expertise. Over the years, he has not only honed his skills in crafting immersive game environments but have also successfully published two noteworthy video games, “Kukui” and its sequel “Kukui 2,” both available on Steam.

  • Miguel Roman

    3d Artist & Texture Artist

    Diligent and creative Artist with a strong commitment to teamwork, meticulous attention to detail, and excellent communication skills. Possesses a comprehensive understanding of character creation, proficiency in hard surface techniques, and a deep passion for bringing video game concepts to vibrant life.

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